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  • Expand forest cover and nurture ecosystems by planting trees.
  • Creating and implementing projects for Women Empowerment.
  • Skill enhancement programs for youths.
  • Create dignified life for senior citizens.
  • To provide organized learning systems to indigent children.
  • To create opportunities for farmers & disorganized workers in order to create better and secured life for them.
  • Implement need based projects for organizations in the areas of training, staffing & outsourcing.
  • To implement organization specific and joint projects under CSR scheme.
  • To provide alternative effective management to turn around sick and loss making organizations.
  • To provide housekeeping facilities to government and private organizations for making India a neat and clean place for its people and the guests visiting us.
  • To provide low cost housing and toilet facilities for socially and economically backward people.
  • To implement programs towards growth and development of scientific temper of our nation. 

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