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India is growing leaps and bounds and the world has recognized the fact that no obstacle can retard the pace of India emerging as one of the superpowers in days ahead. Hence the birth of FFAAC who has recognized the critical aspirations required to be attended to contribute effectively in its cosmic rate of growth.  

The focus will be to fulfil following aspirations:

Creating Better Quality of Environment

FFAAC aspires to create awareness in society on how to nurture a healthy world by conducting seminars on issues of national importance such as building better environment, control pollution, accelerate green revolution and forestation & create balanced ecosystems.

Welfare of Senior Citizens

Indian society lays high importance on providing care and protection to parents and elderly. Withering of joint family system has contributed to the challenges faced by elderly. Nowadays they are forced to live alone and are exposed to various problems such as lack of physical, social, emotional and financial support. It has become an important disease to be attended on priority.

Leadership to Indigent Children

FFAAC focuses on improving the lives of indigent children of our society. Such children are born but their survival is a major challenge. Physical, mental, emotional and psycho-social development of the indigent child needs attention on large scale. Through this program, we send children back to school, help improve their performance and provide them with the necessary, innovative and educative tools. Our train the trainer approach incorporates various teacher training programs all geared towards improving children's learning outcomes.

Skill Development in Youth

Today’s children are tomorrow’s youth. The emphasis on skill development program is to skill the youths in such a way so that they get employment and also improve entrepreneurship skills. Their employ-ability potential needs to be upskilled so that they fulfill needs of required skills world over and India becomes a leading nation in exporting skills.

Women Empowerment

Society can be healthy only when discrimination is minimized. Women Empowerment itself elaborates that Social Rights, Political Rights, Economical Stability, Judicial Strength and all other rights should be also equally utilized by women. Women should know there fundamental and social rights which they are ought to get once they born. FFAAC is to evolve suitable mechanism to eradicate this cancerous disease from our society and allow living beings to coexist and be a part of happy and joyful ecosystem.

Welfare of Unorganized Workers

An unorganized worker is a home-based worker or a self-employed worker or a wage worker in the unorganized sector and includes a worker in the organized sector who is not covered by any of the Acts pertaining to welfare Schemes as mentioned in Schedule-II of Unorganized Workers Social Security Act, 2008. FFAAC aims to evolve an integrated system to fulfill needs of such section of people so that a happy and joyful society is created where people are passionate towards realization of skills they possess.

Farmers Welfare

We get our food because our farmers grow crops and carries out required agricultural activities. But the life of a farmer is very tough. Even today they are largely dependent on nature to provide basic inputs like water to cultivate their fields. If nature is not normal their basic existence is challenged. They have no alternative for their basic livelihood. Out of hopelessness they are prone to suicide and rate of suicide is increasing every year. FFAAC take a pledge to work on an effective mechanism so that they are not left alone and in-fact they also enjoy their livelihood integrated with the mainstream of our society.

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